The Identity Parade

Dave Robinson - Founder > Red Evolution

Dave Robinson


In A Nutshell

I'm Dave Robinson and I founded Red Evolution in 2003 when I left Fifth Ring. I hired my first employee in 2006 and I've grown Red Evolution organically from there.

Caron Rose - Inbound Marketing > Red Evolution

Caron Rose

Inbound Marketing

In A Nutshell

I'm Caron, and my specialist area is inbound marketing and in particular, content.

Julie Mitchell-Mehta - Inbound Marketing  > Red Evolution

Julie Mitchell-Mehta

Inbound Marketing

In A Nutshell

I'm Julie and I provide the marketing and social media expertise for all our inbound marketing clients.

Rob Harrison - Web Design and Development > Red Evolution

Rob Harrison

Design & Development

In A Nutshell

Hi, My name is Rob and I am a designer and custom coder with Red Evolution. I have worked on a wide range of projects; from promoting charity dance events, creating identities and producing websites for a collection of successful businesses.

Dave Marshall - Web Design and Development > Red Evolution

Dave Marshall


In A Nutshell

I'm Dave and I've worked with Red Evolution as a web designer and developer since 2010.

Diana Hay - Web Design > Red Evolution

Diana Hay


In A Nutshell

Hi I’m Diana, I am an out of place Norteña that likes to make all things interesting to look at and easy to read. I work as a Web Designer at Red Evolution.

Pete Cawkwell - Web App Genius > Red Evolution

Pete Cawkwell


In A Nutshell

There's are few things more satisfying than creating the tools that make peoples lives easier and help their organisations to thrive. I love discovering what people do and finding ways I can help them do it better.

IslaMarie Turnbull - SEO, Social Media and Web Marketing > Red Evolution

IslaMarie Turnbull

SEO, Social Media & Web Marketing

In A Nutshell

Well hello, my name is IslaMarie. I am a SEO specialist here at Red Evolution, although I love being able to discuss new designs too.

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