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Diana Hay


In A Nutshell

Hi I’m Diana, I am an out of place Norteña that likes to make all things interesting to look at and easy to read. I work as a Web Designer at Red Evolution.


Born in the States but raised in Mexico, moved to the UK in 2014, across my short life I have done numerous things from waitressing to painter (not the fun kind, the walls and houses kind) to having my 15 minutes of fame as a zombie in Resident Evil. But nothing compares to the glory of design. After finishing an exchange programme in Spain I started working as a student intern at the local newspaper, when I graduated I worked in a marketing agency for a few years until I decided to go solo as a freelancer. Since then I have worked on multiple projects for a variety of clients, these range from web design and branding for commercial organisations to wedding and event invitations.

Diana Hay - Zombie Movie Star


BA in Graphic Design from CETYS Universidad.

When I'm Not at Work

I’m blogging, day dreaming, being a groupie, cooking or crafting. I enjoy listening to music, I am a rocker at heart but enjoy the occasional Taylor Swift. I love laughing so I am a big fan of Stand up comedy (live or on tv). I like to wander and explore any kinda place or get lost in books. I am happy to be in the middle of nowhere or in the middle of a big city as long as I have some sort of camera in hand (and a GPS). In the kitchen I cook for my pretend audience and I like to experiment with all sorts of ingredients but enjoy it more when there is chocolate involved. I also have a slight addiction to young adult novels and pop culture. But mostly I am just daydreaming about going to Hogwarts.

Diana Hay - Dog Lover

The Five Questions

  • Favourite film?
    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, no wait, Fight Club, no wait, all 7 of the Harry Potter ones, no wait ahhh I can’t...
  • Favourite band?
    It changes depending on my mood, but Foo Fighters and Kinky are always present.
  • Perfect meal?
    Tacos al pastor from Don Pepe.
  • Pets?
    The closest thing I have to a pet is an avocado plant.
  • Happiest when?
    Interacting with furry friends.

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